Wetherby's Blue Plaque Trail

A Blue Plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place in the United Kingdom and elsewhere to commemorate a link between that location and a significant person, event or site, serving as a historical marker. The brainchild of British politician William Ewart in 1863, it is the oldest such scheme in the world.

Map showing the location of Wetherby's Blue Plaques:

Blue Plaques map

Use the links below, or the numbers on the map above, to see a picture of each plaque, and a view of the plaque and its surroundings.

  1. Weir Garth
  2. Wetherby Weir Preservation Trust
  3. Wetherby Castle
  4. Wetherby House
  5. Scott Lane
  6. Wetherby Town Hall
  7. The Shambles
  8. Church Street
  9. Devonshire Arms
  10. Bath House
  11. Wetherby Cinema
  12. Crossley Street School
  13. Swan and Talbot
  14. Wetherby Manor
  15. The Huguenot Arch
  16. The Angel Inn
  17. Cattle Market
  18. Brunswick Court
  19. The Brunswick
  20. Gashouse Lane
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