Mail Theft


Printed notice dated 1st February 1819

£50 Reward

‘Whereas on the morning of Saturday 30th January the portmanteau containing the bags of letters from London to Knaresborough and Harrogate on the 28th January, and the bye bags of letters from Wetherby and its road connectiong to those places, was stolen from the mail rider’s horse at the Posst Office in Wetherby, whilst the rider was putting on his great-coat. The portmanteau was on the same morning found in a field near Wetherby with a number of letters, all of which has been opened. Whoever apprehends the person or persons will receive £20 on their commitment for trail, the remaining £30 upon conviction`.

Thomas Robinson was apprehended in York the same afternoon with £2000 in drafts, notes and cheques, Suffered capital conviction in York that year

The trail adds the following details:

The Glasgow mail coach from London arrived Post Office, Wetherby 11:30pm 29th (Mr Huntly, Postmaster, John Smith, Clerk) and was kept safe overnight. Matthew Dobson, Main Out Rider, (Employed as such for some years). between Wetherby and Harrogate, collected the four bags at about 5.30am and fixed them to his horse at the stable door. He returned into Mr. Huntly’s house to get a person to assist him with his greatcoat, being lame in one arm, and was away about 3 minutes. When he returned the bags were gone.`

Details from “Whatever the Wetherby” by G.F.Stead

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