Planning & Development

A group of Wetherby Civic Society members make a weekly check of applications on the Leeds City Council website. The focus of attention is on proposals within the Town Centre Conservation Area. If an application outside this area is significantly large or prominent regarding the character of the town, the Society may also make comment.

Most applications cause no concern and are seen as positive development in a town that must continue to develop and progress. Others can be viewed as inappropriate and ill-fitting. Careful thought is given to how and why such applications fail to meet planning criteria, what considerations & adjustments might be made, and when appropriate an objection with the reasons is submitted to Leeds City Council.

Major Development

Wetherby Civic Society have worked with the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England  to draw attention to the significant housing development that is already underway and proposed in the Wetherby area.

This has led to the formation of the Better Wetherby Partnership which seeks to challenge over-development in and around the town.

Large developments have a long-term and lasting consequences both in terms of the loss of green field areas surrounding the town and the pressure put upon the town’s resources & facilities by a greatly expanded population.

Please open and read the following documents that illustrate the extent of the proposed development and give pointers as to how residents might actively respond.

Wetherby Development Map 2018: Existing and Proposed Developments

Responding to Proposed Development 2018 May: How to Respond to Proposed Development