Tank Accident

Found in “Whatever the Wetherby by G.F.Stead”

Universal carriers were armed with a number of different weapons including Mortars, Bren Guns and 0.55 inch Boys Anti-tank rifles

A tank destroyed the front of Mr Fred Kitchen’s shop in North Street. A convoy of Bren-gun Carriers was passing through Wetherby from North to South one Sunday afternoon in 1943. The caterpillar track on one vehicle snapped, a large piece flew into the air – later requiring two soldiers to lift it – and the tank slewed to the right and disappeared into Fred Kitchens shop. No one was hurt, but a lady who was taking her Sunday afternoon nap in an upstairs bedroom next door had a sudden awakening. The building did not collapse; in fact, it was fairly soon repaired.

We have been informed that the location of this shop is next to the entrance to St James Church and is now a hairdressers called Capelli

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