War Memorials

In 2018 as part of a national project to record the condition of local war memorials, members of the Wetherby Civic Society surveyed and recorded the condition of as many of the war memorials in the old Wetherby Rural District Council area as we could find, gathering information on the location, condition and photographing each memorial.

As part of the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Wetherby Civic Society we thought it would be useful if some of the information we had gathered could be published and perhaps become a work of reference for the future, as things can and do change in our area.

All the following information & pictures were included in a booklet and presented to representatives of each of the Parish Councils in December 2019

Contributors included Civic Society members Peter Catton,  Andrew Gordon,  Victor Hawkins,  Nic Sheppard and Roger Taylor. Later research and individual information has been provided below by John Larder.

Locations and Details

List of 18 Local Memorials

Bardsey (Church Memorial)

Bardsey Church Memorial
Bardsey Church Memorial Plaque Detail

WW1 – Pte. Ernest Clayford (41321) Age 19. 6 Bn. Leicestershire Regt., Killed in the unsuccessful defence of Epehy village (captured 1917) . Killed 21/03/1918. Buried Epehy Wood Farm Cem., Somme, France

L/Cpl. Arthur Brewerton Mitchell (39957) Age 23. 13 Bn. Yorks & Lancs. Regt. Killed 29/03/1918. Buried Bac du Sud Brit. Cem., Bailleulval, Pas de Calais, France. Died at a casualty clearing station or at the start of the German offensive. Both connected to Wike rather than Bardsey.

WW2 – F/O Philip Spencer Foxcroft (128047) Age 31  627 Sq. Pilot of Mosquito DS468 shot down 28/05/1944 on op to St. Valery. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial. DFC 06/06/1944. Tyre Co. Rep (1939) Sailed on the ill fated Avila Star (1939).

Capt. Kenneth Austin Mallinson (204906) Age 32. East Yorks Regt. Killed 15/06/1944. Buried Imphal War Cem.

Fus. Robert Edward Newcombe (14598922) Age 23. 2nd. Bn. Royal Scots Fus. Killed 16/02/1944. Buried Minturno War Cem., Italy

F/Lt. Charles Roy Swinney (52075) Age 26. 156 Sq. Wireless Op, Lancaster ND357. Shot down 14/01/1944 on op to Brunswick. Buried Bergen-op-Zoom War Cem. S. Holland, Netherlands

DFC  191/01/1943. Worked for the Armstrong Siddeley garage in Leeds before the war.

Sgt’ Alec Gordon Willans (1381545) Age 30. 12 Sq. Pilot, Wellington BJ606. Shot down 15/10/1942 on raid on Cologne. Buried Heverlee War Cem. Brabant, Belgium

2. Bickerton

Bickerton War Memorial
Bickerton war memorial

3. Bilton

Bilton in Ainsty Church War Memorial
Bilton in Ainsty

4. Boston Spa

Boston Spa War Memorial
Boston Spa WW1 Dedication Panel
Boston Spa WW1 Roll of Honour 1
Boston Spa WW1 Roll of Honour 2
Boston Spa WW2 Roll of Honour

5. Bramham

Bramham War Memorial
Bramham War Memorial WW1 Detail 1
Bramham War Memorial WW1 Detail 2
Bramham War Memorial WW2 Detail 1
Bramham War Memorial WW2 Detail 2

6. Collingham Memorial Garden, Hall and Shelter

Collingham Memorial
Collingham Memorial Garden
Collngham Memorial Plaque
Collingham WW1 Roll of Honour
Collingham WW2 Roll of Honour

7. Clifford

Clifford War Memorial
Clifford Memorial Plaque
Clifford War Memorial inscribed base

8. East Keswick

East Keswick War Memorial
East Keswick War Memorial Panels

9. Kirk Deighton

Kirk Deighton War Memorial
Kirk Deighton Roll of Honour (Church)

10. Kirby Overblow

Kirby Overblow Church Roll of Honour

11. Linton

Linton Village Hall Memorial
Linton Memorial Hall detail
Linton Roll of Honour

12. Scarcroft

Scarcroft Memorial Shelter
Memorial Plaque (also in Thorner Church)
Full list of names also included on Thorner Memorial

13. Sicklinghall

Sicklinghall War Memorial
Sicklinghall War memorial detail 1
Sicklinghall War memorial detail 2
Sicklinghall War memorial detail 3

14. Spofforth

Spofforth Village Hall War Memorial

15. Thorner

Thorner & Scarcroft Roll of Honour
Thorner & Scarcroft Roll of Honour 1
Thorner & Scarcroft Roll of Honour 2
Thorner & Scarcroft Roll of Honour 3

16. Thorp Arch

Thorp Arch War Memorial
Thorp Arch War Memorial detail 1
Thorp Arch War Memorial detail 2
Thorp Arch War Memorial detail 3

17. Wetherby Church

Wetherby Church Roll of Honour WW1
Wetherby Church Roll of Honour WW2

18. Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph

Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph
Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph detail 1
Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph detail 2
Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph detail 3
Wetherby Bridge Cenotaph detail 4

Further details about the Wetherby Cenotaph and those named on it can be found at http://wetherbywarmemorial.com

The Wetherby Bridge War Memorial was unveiled and dedicated on 22 April 1922 by Lord Harewood

Two photographs taken at the dedication of Wetherby Bridge War Memorial
Image by kindness of Wetherby Historical Trust
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