A Titbit found on social media

Wetherbyites have fond recollections of their old time favourite Ironmongers store. In the shop, which is now Specsavers, could be bought anything from a pound of nails, to rat poison, egg slicers, cake stands, crockery, pots and pans, garden forks and candles. The four brothers who took over the shop from their father Alan were from the eldest Aleric, Colin, Micheal & the youngest Dennis who took care of lawnmower repairs in the workshop in Scott Lane behind the shop. It was in the workshops, that in later years became the centre of such activities concerning Christmas lights and Weir Repairs. The shop and workshop became a meeting place during these times in the 1980’s and 90’s with characters like Bill Gray, John Scruton, Jackie Brook, John Tatterton, Michael Kay being regulars who through their friendships enjoyed working for the betterment of Wetherby. One voluntary project taking a couple of season’s was in creating, with Bills stone building skills, the Wetherby Entrance Signs and many planters for flowers & Shrubs located around the town. The Orange Peugeot Pickup with cement mixer secured on the back was a regular sight around the town during these times. Thanks to Ian Leadley for use of his Photograph.

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