Wetherby Gasworks

A gasworks was first established in Wetherby in 1845 at a cost of £3000 and was in operation from 1852, on what is now Gashouse Lane. The streets were lit by gas up until 1960 when they were converted to electricity.

Aerial view in black and white showing the town of Wetherby. The River Wharfe snakes round in the foreground with a clear view of the weir. Bottom left is Micklethwaite Farm, Towards the right corner the gasholder is visible. The first gas works were installed in Wetherby in 1845 and gas lighting was in operation from 1852. Copyright:Leeds Library & Information Services www.leodis.net 
Undated photo of Wetherby Wier, Bridge and Gas Holder. With Thanks to Ian Leadley.

Wetherby had two gasholders which dominated the skyline but it closed in the late 1970s.

Photo of site before demolition
Copyright: Wetherby Historical Trust
Current day Photo of site

Since the conversion to natural gas there was no longer a need for the gasworks and the site has now been redeveloped for use by offices and small businesses.

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