Wetherby Racecourse Station

Date opened:31 October 1924
Location:South side of Wetherby racecourse. A footpath and cycle way runs thorough the station site but there is no close road access.
Company on opening:London & North Eastern Railway
Date closed to passengers:18 May 1959
Date closed completely:18 May 1959
Company on closing:British Railways (North Eastern Region)
Present state:The up platform has been demolished leaving no trace. The degraded remains of the down platform can be seen, including part of a concrete retaining wall at the back of the platform.
OS Grid Ref:SE414484
Date of visit:7 September 2008
View of the old Racecourse station
Wetherby Racecourse station, looking south-east in 1959. The footbridge is unusually wide to accommodate a large number of race-goers. Copyright photo from Stations UK

Notes: Horse racing in Wetherby was first took place on Scaur Bank (now officially known as King George V playing fields, although still most commonly referred to as ‘Scaur Bank’ or ‘The Ings’). In 1891 racing moved to a new site off York Road

When Wetherby’s original station on York Road closed in 1902, for two decades the only rail access was via Wetherby’s new station on Linton Road. This was some distance from the racecourse, involving a walk of just over two miles. An untimetabled station for race-goers opened on the south side of the racecourse in about 1924. It had two facing platforms built from old sleepers and surfaced with ash. It had a ticket booth of wooden construction, starter signal, electric lighting, standard wooden LNER running-in nameboards with raised metal lettering, and a wide footbridge. Race specials came from Leeds, Doncaster and Bradford Exchange.

Map showing the location of the station site

Wetherby Racecourse station was last used on Whit Monday 18 May 1959. Race specials from Bradford Exchange continued to run into Wetherby station, which was advertised as Wetherby Town, until 1963. Special buses were laid on to take arriving race-goers to the racecourse; a separate fare was charged for this service.

Wetherby Racecourse station was largely demolished in 1962, although the degraded remains of the down platform can still be seen.

The source of the above was from www.disused-stations.org.uk it has a lot more information about the train line and the history around it (Catford, 2017)

What Happened After:

View of the site when it was being worked on to become the BMX track
The site of Wetherby Racecourse station looking south-east in August 1985. Photo by John Mann

In 1985 a competition was made of what to do with the site of the old railway station, The winner Frederick Martin won the compeittion with the idea of making it a BMX track, The above image is probably when it was being turned into the track.

View of the overgrown bike track from the air

After over 30 years its lost some of its shape and the land is trying to take it back but looking at the satellite you can still see the basic shape.

A view of the overgrown BMX track
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