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We have found plenty of little known facts that are not big enough to have their own page so here is a page for them

Great Fire of Wetherby

In 1723 a fire which started in a chandler’s shop swept through the town and destroyed 40 houses, around half the town’s building stock at the time.
High winds had fanned the flames and the affected buildings were said to be entirely destroyed, along with their contents. The losses amounted to over £7,500.

The Newcastle Weekly Courant 30th March 1723 page 5

A extract from The Newcastle Weekly Courant says

From the Evening-Post.

London, March 23. They wrote from Wetherby, in Yorkshire, that a Fire broke out there last Week, which burnt with so much Violence, that almost the whole Town was reduc’d to Ashes


In The Derby Mercury 2nd September 1948 it was stated that a swarm of locusts where found

The Derby Mercury
02 Sep 1748, Mon Page 3

The extract says “We hear from Wetherby in Yorkshire, that several Locusts have been found there, and in the neighbouring Townships, exactly resembling those described latley in this Paper, but that they have hitherto done no Damage, on Account of the Smallness of their Numbers.

Wetherby Gasworks

A gasworks was first established in Wetherby in 1845 at a cost of £3000 and was in operation from 1852, on what is now Gashouse Lane.

Aerial view in black and white showing the town of Wetherby. The River Wharfe snakes round in the foreground with a clear view of the weir. Bottom left is Micklethwaite Farm, Towards the right corner the gasholder is visible. The first gas works were installed in Wetherby in 1845 and gas lighting was in operation from 1852. Copyright:Leeds Library & Information Services 

Wetherby had two gasholders which dominated the skyline but it closed in the late 1970s.

Copyright:Wetherby Historical Trust

The gasworks no longer has gasholders, or produces town gas since the conversion to natural gas, however a gas site still does exist in the vicinity of Gashouse Lane and Victoria Street.