Church on the Corner

The 2 buildings for church on the corner

Church on the Corner – Current Chapel of Ease at the Cemetery in Hallfield lane.

There are two identical Chapels, built in 1873 for the sum of £520, on land granted by the Burial Board.  One Chapel was orriginally for the Anglicans the established church and the other for the Methodists and Non-conformists.  At a later date a small part of the cemetery was specifically given over to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Chapel building on the left is now used as The Church on the Corner, a Chapel of Ease to St. James Parish Church and was opened on 20th November 1996 to serve the eastern end of the town.  A Service is now held in the Church each Tuesday afternoon.  Recently installed and dedicated is a striking stained glass window donated by a long serving member of the bell ringing team at St James Church.

Earlier in the 1980’s the chapel was used by an independent Evangelical Church run by a small group of Christians with no denominational affiliations. They then affiliated to the Elim Church and moved their meeting place to the Town Hall for a short while before disbanding.

Much work and refurbishment had to be done when St James started to use the chapel including creating a small kitchen for hospitality preparations.

Thank you to Michael Hare for providing this information

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