Listed Buildings

Listing marks and celebrates a building’s special architectural and historic interest. It also brings it under the consideration of the planning system, so that it can be protected for future generations.

Grade II listed Micklethwaite Farm Frontage
Grade II listed Micklethwaite Farm Frontage

Grade II listed Buildings in Wetherby below as recorded by (July 2019)
Further details and descriptions of the individual buildings can be found on the website.

  1. 1, 3 and 5, Boston Road (Known as the Drovers Inn until 1870)
  2. 19 and 21, Market Place
  3. 21-25, Westgate
  4. 27 and 29, High Street
  5. 4, Cross Street (photo below)
  6. 41, 43, 43A and 45, High Street
  7. 6 and 8, Scott Lane
  8. 6, Cross Street
  9. 66, North Street
  10. Barleyfield Road Railway Bridge
  11. Bath House to South West of Wharfedale Lawn
  12. Brunswick Yard, Victoria Street
  13. Church of St James, Church Lane
  14. Front Range of Farm Buildings at Micklethwaite Farm, overlooking Boston Road
  15. Milepost Approximately 120 Metres to North East of Junction with Audby Lane,
  16. Milepost Approximately 20 Metres to East of Drive to Swinnow Hill,
  17. Priest Hill and Attached Outbuildings, Ainsty Road
  18. Quarry Hill Railway Bridge
  19. Railway Engine Shed, York Road
  20. Remains of West Lodge and Attached Wall to West, Wetherby Road
  21. Resited Gate Piers on Driveway to Ings House, Linton Road
  22. Stone Dene, Stonedene Park
  23. Swan and Talbot, North Street
  24. The Angel (Sant Angelo’s) High Street
  25. The Brunswick, High Street, Wetherby
  26. The Manor House, North Street
  27. The Old Vicarage & 32 Walton Road
  28. The Shambles, Wetherby
  29. The Three Legs, Market Place
  30. Wetherby Bridge (Also registered Ancient Monument) and War Memorial
  31. Wetherby House, Market Place
  32. Wetherby Town Hall and Attached Front Wall, Market Place
  33. Wetherby Wesleyan Methodist Church, Bank Street
  34. Core of Wetherby Castle (foundation stones) Castle Garth
4 Cross Street (July 2019)
Grade II listed building – 4 Cross Street
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