Fairfield Villas 1878

James Harry “Ginger” Lacey

DFM & Bar, Croix de Guerre

The WW2 ‘ace’ fighter pilot was born in a house on this site on 1st Feb 1917. He attended Crossley Street Primary School, Wetherby, followed by King James Grammar School, Knaresborough, and then train to be a Pharmacist at Leeds Technical College.

A member of the Roayal Air Force from 1937 until 1967, he flew in the ‘Battle of France’ and then the ‘Battle of Britain’, flying Spitfires and Hurricanes throughout the War and is credited with the second highest number of ‘kills’ of any British Fighter Pilot, with 28 enermy aircraft destroyed, 5 ‘Porbables’ and 9 damaged.

He died at his home in Bridlington on the 30th May 1989.

Undated View of Fairfield Villas at the junction of Deighton Road with Sandbeck Lane. There were three villas numbered 14, 16 and 18. Number 14

Fairfield Villas where knocked down and became a Nidd Vale Motors, this was abandoned in 2015 and became a Aldi, in the entrance to the car park is where the plaque is situated

Fairfield Villas 1878, abandoned site of Niddvale Motors (30th_August_2015)