Blue Anchor

Where now stands the HSBC we have the site of the Blue Anchor , Hope and Anchor, The Anchor

The Dictionary of Pub Names states Hope and Anchor “In Christian symbolism the anchor is a symbol of hope.”

In the Great Sale of Wetherby this establishment was clearly marked and also in the will of Gregory Rhodes in 1829 which included details of six inns in Wetherby, he purchased the Blue Anchor after the sale

Map showing location of Blue Anchor
Great Sale map showing the location of the Blue Anchor

In the SALE OF WETHERBY, on Monday 11 October 1824, LOT 24 was listed in the Sale catalogue as follows -Occupied by Widow Dawson
The BLUE ANCHOR PUBLIC HOUSE in High Street, and a small Tenement adjoining. A small House in Horse Fair, and a small yard behind Part of a garden behind the above.

Purchased by Widow Dawson for £810 (lot includes other property

Behind the Blue Anchor was a pit for cock fighting. in 1801 the jubilee of George III was celebrated by a cockfight here for a silver cup, the ring was 16ft in diameter and raised two foot from the ground with a foot high brick wall. The ring and its wall were demolished in 1830 to make way for more stabling for coach horses, then in great demand. “extract from Wetherby through the ages by Dr Lodge”

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