Boot and Shoe

The Boot and Shoe was located in Westgate. In ‘Wetherby – The History of a Yorkshire Market Town‘ Robert Unwin states, on page 169 – ‘In 1937 Westgate was also widened and the dilapidated Boot and Shoe property was demolished’.


In the Wetherby News article – When Wetherby had 27 Pubs – it merely mentions – “Westgate sported two pubs in the 1820’s. The Cross Pipes which later took on the name of the Blacksmiths’ Arms and nearby the Boot and Shoe.

Image showing the nearby Blacksmiths Arms
Image showing the nearby Blacksmiths Arms

The Blacksmiths Arms on Westgate was located in the great sale as plot 104 which later became the entrance to the council offices. It states that the Boot and Shoe was nearby and looking at the sale map and seeing the building we are left to guess which one.

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