Working Mens Club

In 1882 we see in The Yorkshire Herald that Wetherby Working Men’s was admitted into the The Working Men’s Club and Institute Union

The Yorkshire Herald and the York Herald -Thursday, June 22, 1882

The upper portion of Mr Spigelhalters’ premises were in 1891 the home of the working men’s club, which housed both a billiards and bagatelle table, and here many exciting boxing contests took place among the members of the club. Following the many black eyes sustained during these fights, the club earned a bad reputation. It was also here that the first Boy Scouts group, with Mr James Hodgson at the head was founded.

We have also discovered that this was up a set of stone steps in Adkinsons/Atkinsons (spelling undetermined) Yard in the Horsefair Center. Since the whole area was rebuilt there is no physical evidence that we can find.

Map showing the Yards of the Horsefair Center
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