The Bowling Green Hotel

Undated view of north street and the bowling green

Undated. An early view of North Street showing the bottle neck in the Great North Road prior to the developments begun in 1929 to relieve traffic congestion.
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The Bowling Green Hotel was situated on North Street. This pub was demolished in 1929 to allow road widening, part of the land that this pub gave up is now the garden of rest

According to the West Yorkshire England Alehouses Licences database the licence for the Bowling Green & Vaults expired on 19 October 1929.

This inn was enlarged at one point to allow for clubs and games, “It may not be generally known that there was a fine fruit-bearing vine in the grounds” The Bowling Green hotel was the only Tetley house in Wetherby at the time

Undated This 1910 image shows the junction of High Street and North Street, the narrowest point of the Great North Road between London and Edinburgh. Visible is the old Bowling Green Hotel, run by Francis Wharldall.
Copyright:Wetherby Historical Trust

The Garden takes the place of the “Bowling Green” and four shops, Tom Parr’s Fresh Fish, John William Cookson’s Bakery and Mason’s Machine and Blacksmith. Many people wanted the land to be used as a car park, but the county council who leased the land to the parish council at a nominal rental, stipulated that it should not be used for money-making purposes.

Photo of Garden of Rest and North Street (2019)
Garden of Rest on the site of the Bowling Green Pub

Land behind what was the Bowling Green was upon its demolition gifted to the Church and is used for events and recreation known as the Tetley Field.

High Street, looking north
High Street, looking north
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